Eric Hunter

Eric Hunter, one of the leaders of the Hunter Durham Team, has always been interested in real estate. His career began in 1998 as a mortgage broker with one of the most successful mentors in the Phoenix area. He attributes his success in the real estate industry to the mentoring he received and the experience from finalizing hundreds of real estate transactions. During that time he also gained experience buying and managing rental properties, construction, and residential development. His focus in the last six years has been using his knowledge and expertise to help others benefit in owning homes for themselves.

He is passionate about creating a better world, not just consuming resources.

His mission is to share with others the opportunities provided by real estate. He wants every person he knows to own their dream home and retire with income provided by real estate. As a real estate investor, he has purchased properties and remodeled homes. He wants to create better communities by developing real estate, not only for himself, but for his clients. He puts his development and investing skills together to add value for his clients.

Eric’s experience as a savvy negotiator helps his clients get their deals done.

As an experienced mortgage broker and real estate investor, Eric Hunter brings distinct talent and skill to real estate transactions. He is able to not only identify the challenge, but find financing solutions for his clients. It’s not a matter of if a deal can be completed, but how it will be completed.

His areas of expertise include:

  • Home purchase and sale
  • Investment transactions
  • Building construction
  • Real estate financing
  • Investment strategies

Eric Hunter, along with Team Leader Ed Durham, believe that in creating value for others or giving back, they are rewarded. It is why Eric and the Hunter Durham team contribute to the community through various organizations and events.

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